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Meghna is a pride for Bangladesh and its people. Over the years to come, I wish the very best to Meghna Group of Industries Limited in order to strive not only in our country but globally. Our support and help will always be with this conglomerate -
Mr. Shah Kibria, Ex-Finance Minister, People's Republic of Bangladesh

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Founded in the early 1980s, it's now a household name in Bangladesh and enjoys global recognition

Meghna Group of Industries KA Limited, one of Bangladesh's largest conglomerates, is dedicated to enhancing lives through exceptional consumer products and services.

With a strong focus on family health and well-being, Meghna ensures quality and consumer satisfaction. Its diverse portfolio includes Mineral Water, Edible Oils, Condensed Milk, Powder Milk, Salt, Sugar, and more.

The company also operates in industries like Energy, Agro, Commodity Trading, and various services

The 'FRESH' brand, a household name, reflects their commitment to a healthier future. With a wide product range and customer-centered approach, Meghna stands as a leading consumer company.

Their belief in doing right for all, be it in producing nutritious food or caring for communities and the environment, guides their actions. As a responsible corporate citizen, Meghna focuses on Better Planet, Good Food, Stronger Communities, and Responsible Sourcing, leading impactful environmental and social initiatives.

Meghna, driven by innovation, quality, and social responsibility, has been a force for over three decades.

  • Environment Focus
  • Striving For Absolute Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Responsible Business Conduct