Edible Oil

Fresh Soyabean Oil

Importing Crude oil from international sources to refining the crude oil in our own refinery, the oil extraction process can be divided into three phases. The first involves the pre-cleanliness, drying, and storage of the product to be processed. The second step concerns the preparation of the grains for the oil extraction, by facilitating the extraction processes, such as the loss of grain, conditioning or heating, lamination, and expander. Finally, the third stage involves the extraction itself, which may develop by pressing or solvent Meghna Group of Industries Limited (KA) produces world-class quality Soybean oil – perfect for home cooking, in restaurants, and higher-end hotels! Our Fresh Soybean oil is enriched with Vitamin A, Omega 3, 6, and other mineral content. It is also free from Cholesterol! And it has been one of the leading oil producers in Bangladesh.

Source: 100% Refined Soybean Ingredient: