Fresh Unsweetened Evaporated Milk

Fresh Non-Sweetened Evaporated Condensed Milk is concentrated to one-half or less of its original bulk by evaporation under high pressures and temperatures, without the addition of sugar, and usually contains a specified amount of milk fat and solids. This gives regular evaporated milk—shelf life of up to 15 months. The product is then sealed in food-grade cans which are then heated to kill any bacteria in the milk.
Meghna Group of Industries Limited proudly manufactured Industrial scaled Non-Sweetened Evaporated Condensed Milk for the first time in Bangladesh with joint technical assistance from one of the largest Dairy products manufacturers from Denmark, AVP Nordic Dairy, and a world leader in Can production of Switzerland, Soudronic, Meghna Group of Industries Limited pioneered the concept of Non-Sweetened Evaporated Condensed Milk in Bangladesh for the people who are unable to have sugar due to health complexities. Our Fresh Non-Sweetened Condensed Milk is ideal for making dessert, confectionery items, pastry, or even tea with zero sugar content!

Source: Whole Milk, Stabiliser (E339), Milkfat – 8% (min), Milk solids – 18.0% (min), Milk protein – 6.6%, Vitamin D-3.